Since 1997, I have conducted forensic evaluations of male survivors of childhood abuse in both civil and criminal cases. I have worked on forensic cases in numerous states including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and in Federal jurisdiction. Most of my forensic cases have involved capital murder, or death penalty, cases in which the defendant had been abused during his childhood. In these cases, I have conducted evaluations of the defendant in order to better understand the impact of childhood events – including trauma and abuse – upon his later functioning.

Court Testimony

This is a video excerpt of my expert witness testimony in the sentencing phase of a capital murder trial (State of North Carolina v Cooper, 2010, 07CR82072).


Past Court Appearances


2017 Texas v. Miguel Hernandez, 1379618D

2017  State of North Carolina v. William Long 15CRS50302

2017 State of Arkansas v. Karl D. Roberts CASE NO. CR 99.70

2016  Arizona v. Dustin Kurt Coleman CR 2012-008340

2016.  State of Mississippi v. Alan Dale Walker 1:97-cv-00029-KS

2014 Texas v. Harlem Lewis Cause Nos 1372134 & 1372135

2014 North Carolina v. Jonathan Richardson 10 CRS 3981-83; 54369; 54426; 11 CRS 3021-22

2014 Texas v. Juan Balderas Cause Nos 1050630 & 1064857

2013 Arizona  v. Kyle Loretto Alegria CR20092397

2013 Texas  v. Willie Ray Jenkins CR10-1063

2013 Texas  v. Stanley Robertson CR10-4337

2011 North Carolina  v. Danny Thomas 06CRS6250-67

2011 Texas  v. Travis Mullis  CR08-0333

2010 North Carolina  v. Samuel Cooper 07CR82072

2008 North Carolina  v. Jakiem Wilson 07CRS11060

2008 North Carolina  v. Antonio Chance 06CRS74131

2007 United States Air Force Court-Martial against Airman Darrin E. Jones, Jr.

2005 California  v. Alejandro Avila 02CF1862

1999 North Carolina  v. Clifton White 89CRS31887, 41217-18, 56389, 56391

1997 North Carolina  v. John Williams 97CRS8000-01, 8388, 17582-84, 17587-88, 17590-91, 88750



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