I have been involved in over ninety criminal and civil cases in ten states and in federal jurisdiction.  I specialize in evaluating the impact of childhood trauma – particularly sexual abuse – upon men.  In each case, I am able to convey effectively to attorneys, juries, and other interested parties how these experiences have affected that particular individual.


Civil Cases

Criminal Cases

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Male survivors of childhood sexual abuse are generally reluctant to disclose about their victimization; no group of men is less likely to let others see their vulnerability than criminal defendants.  With over twenty years of experience working with male survivors, I am able to help them lower their guard and tell about their childhood traumas and the impact they have had upon their lives.


In recent years, several high-profile cases, including the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, and Penn State University, have shone a light on the sexual abuse of male victims.  In order to proceed with determining appropriate financial reparation to these victims, juries must first understand the impact of the sexual abuse.  I am adept at conveying to juries and others how abuse affects its victims across broad areas of their lives.

Both through my writing and my appearances in court, I am able to connect with and communicate effectively with the jurors encharged with determining a defendant's fate. In these cases, I write a mini-biography of an individual charged with a crime. By doing so, I help those who read my report or hear my testimony understand how his childhood -- filled with tragedy and abuse -- contributed to him developing into the adult he became.

Male Survivors


Over the past 20 years, I have worked with over one hundred men who were sexually abused during childhood.  These men often come to me feeling hopeless and lost.  With my experience and expertise, I am generally able to instill a sense of hope and optimism quite quickly.  While therapy to address the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse is certainly a long and difficult process, the men with whom I work usually see dramatic improvement across virtually every area of their lives.  It is enormously gratifying to see these men move from despair to optimism to success and joy.




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